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A collection policy to avoid write-downs

A firm’s realization rate is fundamental to “The Business of Law.” Realization is simply the percentage of what is billed that is actually collected, and in today’s economy low realization remains the biggest financial problem for most lawyers. A 95 ...

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Attorney disbarred following affair with client

Maryland’s top court has disbarred an attorney, by a vote of 5-2, for having an intimate relationship with her client in a divorce and child custody proceeding, having a financial interest in his child-support obligation, communicating directly with the opposing ...

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LinkedIn has growing value for lawyers

LinkedIn is billed as the “professional” social network, which is why lawyers dipping their toes into social media for the first time often start with LinkedIn. The problem is that as far as social networks go, LinkedIn hasn’t always been ...

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Agencies, Congress turn up heat on debt collectors

WASHINGTON – The rise in health care-related consumer debt, student loans,shoddy record keeping by creditors and abusive practices by debt collectors are leading federal regulators and lawmakers to crack down on third-party debt collectors and call for tighter rules applying ...

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