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Justices ask if race-conscious job actions are biased

WASHINGTON - During oral arguments Wednesday, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court tackled the thorny issue of whether an employment action meant to prevent minorities from being denied promotions can itself be discriminatory.

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  1. Well, I believe that this case will prove that:

    “A good judge applies the law as it is not as she would like it to be” Supreme Court -
    Justice Sandra O’Connor

    I currently over ten (10) discrimination and civil rights cases pending in the Federal District Court of Kansas; Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals; and Eighth Circuit, as a Pro Se litigant all I can say if the law was applied as it was and not as judges would like it to be there would be more justice for the American citizens today!

    Michael E. McKinzy, Sr 4/23/2009

    Born to do Battle!

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